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The Gateway Project is the single most important infrastructure project in the nation and should be a bipartisan win for Congress

The Gateway Project – which includes two new rail tunnels under the Hudson River to replace aging tunnels damaged in Hurricane Sandy, as well as a replacement for the century-old Portal Bridge – would overhaul the nation’s busiest and most economically-important rail infrastructure, which many engineers estimate could fail in the next decade.

17Forward is the key to unlocking the Catskills and crucial to robust economic development in New York

The Catskills are facing a resurgence in popularity through tourism, population growth, and interest from businesses. Despite this, people can’t easily travel in and out of the area due to decades of politicians neglecting the transportation infrastructure, and New York’s unwillingness to finish the Route 17 extension project.


Our region’s transportation woes are well documented. And we know how to fix them.

Between the crumbling Gateway Tunnel, a broken NJ Transit and the decrepit roads and bridges throughout the state, New Jersey’s commuters deserve better.

In 2016, Road to Repair replenished the state’s Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) by constitutionally dedicating all revenue from the increased gas tax to the fund.

We need to continue to invest in our infrastructure – the roads, bridges, and rail systems – in order to make New Jersey a competitive place for businesses to call home.

We need to build the Gateway Project to ensure travel throughout the Northeast Corridor remains unencumbered.

We need to unlock the Catskill Mountains as a new destination in New York by finishing Forward17.

Together we can make our region’s transportation whole again.