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Without natural gas, New Jersey’s energy independence is in danger

In New York there are already energy moratoriums due to the lack of pipeline capacity keeping new businesses away and hurting ratepayers. New Jersey is not far behind. Renewables are a long way off from being successful and cannot fill the gap on their own. We must act now.

Natural gas pipelines are safe, clean, affordable, and good for the economy

Natural gas is a key component to transitioning from dirty energy sources to clean and reliable energy. Pipelines have sterling safety records, deliver affordable and clean energy, and help the economy grow by increasing capacity for economic development.

Natural gas pipelines will create jobs and significantly lower costs for ratepayers simultaneously

Every project creates thousands of jobs while allowing more affordable energy into the community to lower energy costs, putting more money into your pockets, your neighbor’s pockets, and the economy.


At Road to Repair we believe in a diverse energy mix to bring clean, affordable, and safe energy to New Jersey and New York. Without a robust energy mix, our economy cannot grow. To grow the state’s economy, New Jersey must prioritize the use of natural gas pipelines as a bridge to renewables, commit to making renewables more economically viable, and improve both generating and transmission capacity.

Over 74% of New Jersey homes rely on natural gas to heat and power their homes during cold winter months, emphasizing the need for pipeline repair and rejuvenation. Despite public misinformation,  pipelines are safe, reliable, and good for the environment; this safety comes from rigorous federal protection, high operating standards, and a skilled workforce that builds and maintains this infrastructure with around-the-clock digital technology and inspections.
By supporting projects like the PennEast Pipeline and the North Bergen Liberty Generating Station, we can keep our economy moving forward through job creation, lower energy costs, and sufficient energy supply for businesses and homes.