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New Jersey’s economy is getting back on track. While our economy has improved, to reach our 21st century economic goals, we need to continue to invest in modern transportation, energy, and water infrastructure.

That means championing sustainable development projects like Hoboken Yards, which will create thousands of units of housing, improve resiliency in one of New Jersey’s most dynamic cities and create construction jobs while providing revenue for NJ Transit.

It also means taking on water and energy infrastructure projects, including constructing water pipes, natural gas pipelines, transmission lines and generators, which power New Jersey homes and businesses 24/7, 365 days a year.


Most of all, it means rebuilding our roads, improving our railways, and investing in the mass transit systems, including the Gateway Tunnel and Portal Bridge, that get millions of New Jerseyans to work every year. For every dollar we invest in infrastructure, we get three back. That’s as good a deal as you can find.

Road to Repair continues to lead the fight to jump-start New Jersey’s economy. We ask you for your support as we build the housing, businesses, and infrastructure our state needs to prosper in the years ahead.