We’re at a crossroads: Our economy is strong but could grow stronger, our infrastructure has improved slowly but continues to fail our residents and businesses, and although our state drives one of the biggest economic corridors in the entire world, wages, jobs, and quality of life lag behind in several metrics.

Our region simply cannot grow without prioritizing and investing in our infrastructure systems. Infrastructure isn’t just transportation. It also involves the region’s energy and water systems too. When we invest in our infrastructure, we see more than improved roads and bridges, more efficient energy infrastructure and cleaner water; we get a real return on investment, and that means more money in the pockets of residents.

New Jersey and New York’s energy systems, in particular, are facing very real problems.

Our energy infrastructure is nearing capacity, constricting growth and risking a coming era of shortages, higher prices, and instability.

We support clean natural gas. We support offshore wind. And we support grid resiliency improvements to make sure New Jersey and New York have the systems in place to ensure our economies grow.