Welcome to the New Road to Repair

Last year we had a tremendous response to the Road to Repair campaign. The people of New Jersey will now benefit from safer roads and bridges thanks to the re-authorization of Transportation Trust Fund, but the work is not done. When we invest in our infrastructure we see more than improved roads and bridges, cleaner water, and more efficient energy infrastructure; we get a real return on investment, and that means more money in the pockets New Jersey residents. We are still on the Road to Repair and next up is our water infrastructure.

The Road to Repair campaign will expand its scope to focus on New Jersey’s ailing water infrastructure and inadequate sewage and disposal systems that, left unaddressed, pose a growing threat to public health and economic growth. Experts estimate that New Jersey’s water infrastructure alone requires $8 billion over the next 10 years to protect our water supply, maintain efficient and safe delivery of drinking water and dispose of waste.

A holistic strategy – which tackles aging pipes, mains and other water resources and sees them as a single, unified system – is essential to provide safe, clean water and protect public health across the state.

Taking on this urgent challenge will also create jobs, stimulate the economy, save consumers money and protect limited natural resources. Leaks in mains, pipes and other infrastructure cost the state millions of dollars to replace, and major infrastructure failures are a threat to public safety.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recently gave New Jersey’s infrastructure a “D+” in its 2016 infrastructure report card, including grades of C and D, respectively, for drinking and waste water.

Water won’t be the only thing we tackle in 2017. The ASCE also gave a score of “C+” to the state’s energy resources, which includes decades-old pipelines that are in need of repair. Updating and expanding the state’s pipelines will improve efficiency, decrease the environmental impact of energy consumption and lower costs for New Jerseyans.

As the state saw during Superstorm Sandy, severe weather can threaten pipelines and pipes well underground, jeopardizing gas service, water and sewage for New Jerseyans and requiring modernization to protect these systems.

Check back here for more information as the campaign gets underway!